Brighton Le Sands Puzzle

One of life’s joys is eating pizza. Not just eating it but smelling it too. there’s nothing like the smell of freash-cooked pizza to tantalise one and compel the body to move.
You smell the dish, yand ou move your head until you see it there, all pulsing with heat and pleasure, just awaiting your assault on its structural integrity, almost quivering with fearful anticipation.
Then your hand moves out towards it. It takes no decison or conscious act, the hand moves by itself.
Grabbing a slice of the compact bundle of delight you bring it towards your mouth, hindered only by the need to ensure the toppings do not fall on the floor. Pointy-end first, it starts to disappear into your gaping maw, like a seal-pup down the gullet of a killer whale.
With a grunt as you dtrop all pretense of civilization, the carnal uege consiumes you as mucg as you consume the helpless creation.
Then you belch and release the fetid gases within as its shredded corpse is absorbed by your bodily demands.
Then sleep.

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