Sans Souci Invasion

It was late into Word war II and the German reich was in trouble. With his flair for geo-political and mililtary analysis, Adolf Hitler realised things were desparate. The ability of the Wehrmacht and the entire German war machine to fight was limited by supplies of the material essential to waging war.

Germany had the most advanced military tools in the world, but, just as in World War I, the ability to use them was dependent on the supply of oil needed to keep them going.

And, just as in World War I, the loss of this supply was to prove the undoing of German military might.

Accordingly, to stave off this fate, the Fuhrer ordered the invasion of Romania in a determined bid to secure the supply of oil, essential for the functioning of military (and civilian too, of course) machinery.

But another, and indeed more serious, supply was threatened by the tightening nose of Allied forces surrounding the Fatherland.
This video is a short synopsis of how Hitler applied his brilliance to the most basic supply of all – food.

Here, from the hidden archives, is the story of how he tried to sidestep the encroaching armies and save the Reich from destruction.

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